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Wayne and Anne Wicklund have found an area of service to the hearing impaired that has been long neglected. In 2001 we noticed that Wayne began to lose his hearing - it didn't take long to realize that this invisible handicap was made more difficult by people not realizing he could not hear - even his friends would say "He looks like he can hear!"

Accepting that Wayne's hearing loss was to be a fact of life, the Wicklunds determined to find a way to remind people to look at him directly, and speak clearly so he could read their lips. With that in mind, the Wicklunds uncovered a great need to provide visible notification to hearing people of a hearing impaired individual. Careful thought and research went into the development of each item with one goal in mind, help the hearing world to understand the needs of people with hearing loss.  
Our Unique Hearing Impaired Mission
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The products from hearingimpaired.net help communication to proceed normally, and they save unnecessary embarrassment to everyone. We hope these pages and our products will aid you or someone you love to live fuller, happier lives with their hearing loss.
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